Production Vid Transcripts: Team Dragon


Sonny: My name is Sonny Duross and I’m playing Pinocchio in Shrek: The Musical.


Another EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes video from the GLOVE Performing Arts Center and PacKay Productions

Sonny Duross as Pinocchio

[clip of Pinochio’s arrival in the swamp]

Kay: What do you think of Pinocchio?

Sonny: Pinocchio is… me… I am Pinocchio. That is what’s going on.

Kay: That’s all you need to know.

[more of the clip of Pinochio’s arrival in the swamp]

Sonny: Then, earlier this year, they were all, like, “We’re going to do Shrek: The Musical” and I was like “WHAAAAAT?!?!?”

[Sonny looks down]

Sonny: Hey, look! A quarter!

Yeah, the rest of the interview went on pretty much like that…

Sonny: I think I smell pretty good.

And that. What say we get a lady in ‘ere to class the joint a bit?

Genevieve: Hi, I am Genevieve Aldi, and I am The Wicked Witch! And she sounds like this!


Genevieve Aldi as The Wicked Witch

Genevieve: This is, actually, my first full show at The Glove. [regarding Shrek] As far as the musical, I’d never seen the musical, so I have no familiarity with… I knew one existed… and I knew the plotline, because it’s kind of like Shrek the movie… but I didn’t know the music, I didn’t know much about the characters, other than Shrek and Fiona… I knew there were lots of fairy-tale creatures, of which I am now one.

[clip from the musical number “Story of my Life”]

But what do a Wicked Witch and a Very Handsome (Nice Spelling) “Real Boy” have in common?

[Clip of Sonny, Genevieve and Kay working a skeletal puppet of Dragon]

Kay: We just finished blocking this morning. How are we feeling?

Sonny: I’m feeling nice and tight in my abdominal region…

[the three crack up]


Meet “Team Dragon!”

Kay: There are too many jokes…

Vocals & Head:
Kay Koch

Genevieve Aldi

Sonny Duross

Genevieve: I think she means about the choreography…

Sonny: Oh! Oh! Um, well…

Kay: This is just because of the way you are. This isn’t even because the camera’s on. This should be clear: this is just the way Sonny is.

Genevieve: This is just LIFE.

Sonny: [about the choreography] There’s no holes in it… it’s like, straight…

Kay: We’re always moving!

Genevieve: Yeah…

Kay: We’re always moving…

Genevieve: But then there are parts where we go around and around… and around nd around…

All Three: and around and around…

Kay: There was the joke: take it from “around and around”…

Sonny and Genevieve: Which one?

[clip of the three of them rehearsing “Forever”]

Kay: What’s really great about both of you guys is… do you have any puppeteering experience?

Genevieve: [shakes head]

Sonny: When I was in elementary school, I made sock puppets…

Kay: Hey, it’s somewhere to start. But it’s the willingness to just jump in and try things, especially with you, since I’ve given you so much physicality with the tail.

Sonny: I’m a bunny. I’m a Sonny Bunny: I just hop to it.

Kay: He’s up and down and all around because I’ve put a big three-foot pipe on his back for the tail.


[more of the clip of the three of them rehearsing “Forever”]

Kay: What would be funny is, with Sonny hitting people with tails, will be having this interview later on with Roderick after we’ve practiced wrapping Donkey up in the tail and bringing him around…

Genevieve: So how do you feel about that?

Kay: So how do you feel about getting the *snot* kicked out of you by a three-person dragon?

Coming Soon:
Donkey’s “rebuttal”?
(*cough, cough*)


Shrek: The Musical

– performances –

July 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 at 8PM
July 21 at 2PM

(518) 773-8255

or via OvationTix



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