Production Vid Transcripts: A Fabulous Farquaad Feature


Austin: Hello, I am Austin Kadle, and I am playing Lord Farquaad in Shrek: The Musical.


Another EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes video from
the GLOVE Performing Arts Center and PacKay Productions

Austin Kadle as Lord Farquaad

[clip of the first rehearsal with Lord Farquaad’s “Little Legs”]

Kay: That looked so good. First of all, my apologies that you’re the last puppet that I’ve gotten to, so to speak, in building.

Austin: That’s OK. I’m the 50¢ man, instead of the million dollar one, but that’s OK.

Kay: You’re a half-puppet, that’s what you are.

Austin: [proudly] I’m half-man, half-puppet!

Kay: He’s a halfling, but not in the typical way.  Tell me about Lord Farquaad: what have you been discovering about playing our tiny despot?

Austin: I learned that Lord Farquaad, in the musical, is a lot different compared to the first movie.  In Shrek: the Musical he’s this fruity little guy who seems to be overcompensating for his size… for his…

Kay: For everything.

Austin: For everything, yeah.

[clip from “The Ballad of Farquaad”] 


Kay: What’s your favorite part of the show so far… it doesn’t have to be any moment that you’re in… what’s your favorite…

Austin: [sighs]

Kay: Or it could be everything you’re in.

Austin: I personally really love the Dragon’s song.  It’s so great—you steal the show.

Kay: Awww.

Austin: It’s the showstopper. I told my parents and my friends, “You’re gonna love the dragon, she’s gonna steal the show.  And then I’m next.”

Kay: Yeah, you’re next.

Austin: “Don’t worry about anybody else.  Just worry about us.”

Kay: And your little legs…

Austin: If I suck, just look at my legs.

[clip of Lord Farquaad interrogating the Gingerbread Man]

Kay: Well, we’re actually going to be sitting down with Gingy in a little while and asking him how he feels about Lord Farquaad.

Austin: Oh, God, that’s going to be fun.

Kay: What would you say to Gingy?

Austin: Gingy is filthy… and dirty…

Gingy: A Gingerbread Man


Austin: Oh, MY!

Kay: But he looks fabulous in his bow tie.

Austin: He does look fabulous in that bow tie. I want his bow tie.

Kay: Steal it!  In the next scene, we see Farquaad has it around his little knee.

Austin: “Take him to the swamp… WAIT!  I want his bow tie!”

Kay: What is your relationship with Thelonius like?

Austin: Thelonius. Oh, Thelonius.  Yeah, he’s my special snowflake.

Kay: [laughs]

[clip of Farquaad addressing his henchman, Thelonius, then falling offscreen, getting back up and laughing maniacally]

Shrek: The Musical

– performances –

July 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 at 8PM
July 21 at 2PM

(518) 773-8255

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