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Welcome to the official production blog for the Gloversville Performing Arts Center’s Summer 2013 production of “Shrek: The Musical”! Until today, this was a private resource for our IndieGoGo campaign donors who helped us raise $2000, all of which went to production costs. As we have now reached opening night, however… it’s time to let you ALL enjoy this exclusive peek behind the scenes!

My name is Kay & my company, PacKay Productions, has been responsible for the design and creation of the 3D puppet effects on this show- specifically, Gingy, Dragon and Lord Farquaad’s legs! I have also been maintaining this blog on the side. Gotta say that it’s quite exciting for me to open this content up for the general public at long last.

So, what content is there, you may ask?

We have blog entries about the construction of Dragon and Gingy. We have rehearsal photos. Also, we have *lots* (and I mean LOTS) of interview videos. I sat down with Marc Christopher (Shrek), Caralivia Levanti (Fiona), Roderick Halsey (Donkey), Austin Kadle (Farquaad), Barb Fisher Rivera (our director) and my Dragon puppeteer team (Sonny Duross, Genevieve Aldi + myself). These are all here for viewing OR just reading in the transcripts.

(Though if at all possible, I strongly recommend watching the videos. There are a few hidden gems in there that were specifically kept out of transcription.)

And the fun ain’t over yet! Now that the show is in performance, we can bring you glimpses BACKSTAGE. (Oooo….)

For instance– a special glance into Marc’s awesome painting skills!

Marc painting his HO

Lord Farquaad shows off his patriotic side!
Farquaad and his tiny legs
And even… Dragon Bueller’s Day Off!
Sunscreen? You're lookin' a little pink...Yeah, I think this SPF is high enough for your skin color...
Mmmm... refreshing...Enjoying a good book...

What Fiona doesn’t realize is, we had taken the liberty of putting her profile up on Match.com. If this Shrek dude hadn’t come along, we had BronieBoi9021_Ohh! all lined up for her.

So come see the show & keep checking back here for a ridiculous amount of fun to come!

Dragonly Yours,



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